top 5 Highest paid


Listing 5 high-paying jobs in demand for the future. For at least 10+ years these jobs are going to stay in demand.

The salaries of a professional air traffic controller range between 50k - 100k $ / Year.

1. Air Traffic Controller

This will be a strong job trend for the next few decades with salaries that could surprise anyone.

2. Environmental Engineer

Globalization makes clear the need to translate different inputs from one language to another in the most practical way possible.

3. Translator

Data scientist job offers have an average of 22 registrations per vacancy and an average gross salary of about 40,000 Dollars +

4. Data Scientist

Writing process documents, manuals, instructions or guides can reach 63,000 dollars per year.

5. Technical Writer

5 High Paying Jobs In Demand For The Future